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The curriculum builds on a foundation of biological, physical, and social sciences, which contribute to the science of nursing. The liberal arts components enhance the development of the intellectual, social, and cultural aspects of the professional nurse. This baccalaureate program is a self-governed program and includes behavioral outcomes that concentrate on the development of the nurse’s role as a researcher, practitioner, and leader.

The Bachelor of Technology in Health Management level program is designed in order to develop the professional understanding and skills of supervisors in a dynamic plus evolving health care business. Students who have present credits from health-related applications will be prepared with regard to management opportunities within the wellness care industry.

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Practical study components, team activities, and delivering presentations to the class advance teamwork, critical thinking, self-esteem, and application of task technical and leadership abilities on a real-time foundation. This system is consistent with usually accepted project management concepts, such as the project management procedures and knowledge areas that will lead to professional accreditation. The Finance Planning certification emphasizes fundamental and sophisticated financial planning concepts, ideas, and practices to advertise well-informed personal financial making decisions.

On completion of this system, students will be capable to examine the places of private finance planning, expense analysis and portfolio administration, retirement and benefit arranging, and insurance planning. College students will integrate advanced subjects economic planning through useful application. Students will discover business principles and understand to apply problem resolving ways of real-life scenarios. Within addition, students will furthermore discuss the effects associated with culture and ethics within current global and home business environments.

This program is a post-licensure nursing program designed for nurses with current RN licensure who wish to acquire a bachelor’s of technology degree in nursing. The particular program is designed in order to expand knowledge in the particular areas of nursing technology evidence and theory within order to apply present evidence-based knowledge to boost quality of patient results and health systems. The particular program targets relevant content material to align with numerous industry standards, which enables graduates to be important leaders inside the nursing occupation. The Project Management document focuses on the expert success of its college students. It emphasizes real-world software with assignments designed in order to apply the newfound abilities and knowledge to the particular workplace.

Students complete courses in advanced nursing content, process, and leadership. The Nursing Certificate programs enhances the knowledge and skills of registered nurses with graduate-level nursing degree preparation. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN-CB), is a competency based program designed to develop the professional knowledge and skills of registered nurses.

Coursework in this system is aligned to crucial industry certifications like AWS Cloud Practitioner, Cloud Developer and SysOps Administrator. The Cyber Security Certificate concentrates on the concepts and principles of securing and protecting the information assets of the organization. The areas of information assurance, systems security, risk management, cryptography, cyber security and enterprise security are covered in this certificate. This program helps prepare for industry certifications such as the ISC2 Systems Security Certified Practitioner and Certified Information Systems Security Professional. The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program provides the knowledge to successfully apply information technology theory and principles to address real world business opportunities and challenges. The program covers fundamental and advanced knowledge in core technologies such as information technology, networking and cloud infrastructure, data, cybersecurity, programming and other supporting IT principles. The Master of Science in Nursing program enhances the knowledge and skills of registered nurses with baccalaureate-degree preparation.

MHA-CB 004 engages students in the critical analysis of growing needs and anticipated styles in an industry designated by increasing diversity plus complexity. As the wellness industry continues to go through unprecedented growth, “health” will be starting to encompass everything through patient care to local community engagement to overarching program design. The curricular platform for the MHA-CB 004 is provided by the standard American College associated with Healthcare Executives. The CERT/D-HA is consistent with the particular University’s mission to teach working adults to attain their own professional goals and also to enhance the quality of schooling in their communities. The particular Certificate is designed in order to emphasize curricular leadership that will improves instruction and academic results. The CERT/D-HA includes a 15-credit requirement that involves an internet modality of instruction shipped in an online, digital classroom setting. The credit earned from CERT/D-HA are usually transferable and applicable towards the University of Phoenix arizona Doctor of Health Management.

Students complete core courses in advanced nursing content, process, and leadership. The Nursing Certificate program enhances the knowledge and skills of registered nurses with graduate-level nursing degree preparation. The program prepares registered nurses to function in leadership roles in administration, practice, and educational settings.

The program prepares registered nurses to function in leadership and advanced practice roles within the profession of nursing. Advanced nursing theory and research provide the foundation for nurses to influence the future of nursing and health care.